These wonderfully aromatic salts blended with African Potato, Marula, Rooibos and Aloe Ferox help to soften the skin, improve circulation and relax sore and stiff muscles, while the essential oils help you to switch off and calm the mind. 

Recommended For: all skin types. Ideal for treating sore, stiff muscles and stress. 

Recommended Use: Sprinkle 2 capfuls under hot running water whilst filling the bath and allow to dissolve. Soak for 20 minutes. Can also be used to soak hands and feet during manicure and pedicure treatments.

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Body Soak

Nurturing and nourishing, our bath soak is filled to the brim with soothing ingredients and relaxing flower oils to ensure a deeply and restorative experience. Ideal for times of stress, it allows you to take time out to enjoy a soothing ritual that calms the mind, balances, and allows the sense to be uplifted.


We've especially selected yucca for this formulation because of its reported powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Yucca is also a rich source valuable nutrients like vitamins B and C, as well as iron and calcium.


Recommended for: Times of stress, aches and pains. Mostly it is ideal for a sacred ritual that re-energises and uplifts the senses.  

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Magnesium Bath Blend

Lavender infused with a proprietary blend of therapeutic essential oils


Infused with relaxing Lavender in a proprietary blend of functional essential oils and enriched with the restorative powers of Magnesium. Being a essential mineral in an astonishing number of biological processes in the body, Magnesium is often overlooked with many individuals  not meeting their recommended intake. Magnesium has been shown to support energy levels, combating stress and fatigue, great for muscle function and the nervous system While also assisting in th release of GABA for a restful night.


Recommended for: Helps ease muscle tension and aids in relaxation.

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