Body Wash

A fantastic alternative to chemical-based body washes, it contains yucca to increase cell growth and soothe irritation. Natural extract of Soapwort is used for its mild foaming and cleansing properties without stripping the acid mantle. By using a natural alternative to chemicals, your skin is left moisturised and balanced. Aloe Ferox soothes and moisturises the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky.

Recommended For: All skins, and for infants older than 6 months as a gentle alternative.

Recommended Use: Massage into damp skin daily, then rinse off.

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Bio-Therapy Hand & Body Wash

For a skin that is refreshed and soft to the touch, this 2-in-1 hand & body wash is formulated with a combination of aromatherapy oils for your well-being. Bursting with indigenous plants actives, we know that nature is the healer.Gentle and silky with just enough foam to purify and not to dry the skin. Our body wash is naturally chelated to protect you from heavy metals. * Aromatherapy notes of Geranium & whispers of Lemongrass.

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Natural Soap Bar

This fragrance-free, hydrating, gentle soap is safe for the most of skins, maintaining the delicate acid mantle of the skin while cleansing.


Recommended for: All skin Types.

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