Ginger & Cinnamon Body Balm

Featuring the potent healing powers of ginger and cinnamon, this body balm helps to stimulates circulation, which helps to relieve tension in muscles and restores flexibility. Ginger also assists with improved confidence and focus, while cinnamon is a potent antidote for sadness, exhaustion and nervousness. 

Our body balms contain pure essential oils that profoundly clear and uplift the mind, while balancing the body. Apart from using them for massaging and moisturising, they can also be added to hot bathwater for more nourishment. Alternatively, place a small amount in an aromatherapy burner for the long-lasting olfactory effects of the delicately uplifting essential oils. Africology’s balms are formulated with plant waxes instead of beeswax, making them vegan-friendly.

€ 28,90

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