Jasmine Body Balm

Each body balm works to uplift the mind and balance the body through the powerful effects of essential oils. The Balms can all be added to hot bath water to nourish the skin further. Placing a chunk of your favourite balm in an aromatherapy burner will fill your room with the delicate and uplifting power of essential oils.

Jasmine: Challenges feelings of low self-esteem and encourages self-acceptance. Jasmine, a scent familiar and welcoming, is great for creating feelings of happiness, peace, confidence, creativity, and combating apathy, loneliness, depression, stress, restlessness and burn-out


Recommended Use: Use all over the body daily to keep the skin hydrated and supple. Can also be used as an effective massage medium. Great to use as an emergency rescue balm on dry patches and cracked heels. Melt some into your bath or aromatherapy burner.

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