SPF 30

Our SPF 30 is a minimal-based sunscreen that is recommended for sensitive skin. It's lightweight, non-chemical, and formulated with active ingredients that nurture and nourish the skin. These ingredients also create a powerful moisture barrier, resulting in a potent formulation that combines hydration and sun protection for optimal,im skin benefits.


The beauty of a mineral-based sunscreen is that the minerals simply sit on top of the skin's surface, effectively reflecting harmful UV rays away. It's non-irritating and naturally fragranced with calming herbal active ingredients.


More benefits of our SPF includes that's vegan-friendly and backed by dermatological testing, using international accredited protocols. Africology's product are not tested on animals, but on the skins of human volunteers.


Recommend for: All skin types


Recommended Use: Apply all over skin area exposed to the sun. We recommend a re-application in direct sun every hour. For day to day in and out of sun, once a day. Always listen to your body and use as needed.

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After Sun

Spending a little time in the sun will certainly add a glow - but is also means that your skin will be a bit dehydrated, and in the need of some tender love and care. Help it heal and ensure you prevent permanent damage with our specially formulated treatment. We've added smooth Aloe ferox and macula oil to provide natural, cooling relief for sunburnt skins - and our careful combination of ingredients ensures optimal moisturisation, while healing a damaged dermis.

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